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75 showcases found

  • ieskarttani


    Suomen Tiesääkartta, yhdistää lähimmän ilmatieteenlaitoksen tarkkailupisteen ja kelikamerakuvat, yhdellä silmäyksellä saa tietää millainen sää on ja mille tienpinta näyttää.
  • uomenavainklusterit

    Suomen avainklusterit

    Tässä sovelluksessa voidaan jakaa Suomen kunnat, seutukunnat tai maakunnat avainklustereihin itse valittujen kuntien avainlukujen mukaan. Kuntien avainluvut ovat Tilastokeskuksen ylläpitämä data-aineisto, joka sisältää alueita koskevia tunnuslukuja. Tämä sovellus pyrkiikin täydentämään Kuntien...
  • onkurssitcomverkkosivustojakonkurssitwitterbotti -verkkosivusto ja @konkurssit Twitter botti

    Website displays bankrupt companies. Twitter bot @konkurssit tweets the information.
  • elsinkiuide

    Helsinki Guide

    Android, iOS Apple, Mac OS X, Windows

    City guide of places, events and activities in Helsinki area.
  • unta3



    Kunta3D is a publication of 3D materials and a communication platform produced for municipalities. With the help of Kunta3D, local residents can participate in the development of the city by monitoring projects, commenting and even proposing the construction of new types of sites. The background...
  • lousbyydminktahansakadunlhimmtpalvelut

    Clousby — Löydä minkä tahansa kadun lähimmät palvelut

    When you travel or move to a new neighbourhood, finding the nearest services can be difficult and slow. Why not enter the address on Clousby and find the nearest services immediately? DATASET 1 — ADDRESSES Addresses were read from the open dataset about Finnish buildings, addresses, postcodes and...
  • muinaismuistotinfo on verkkosivusto, joka näyttää Museoviraston ja Ahvenanmaan paikallishallinnon avoimen datan aineistoja muinaisjäännöksistä ja rakennusperinnöstä Maanmittauslaitoksen kartalla. Sivusto on tehty toimimaan sekä mobiililaitteen että tietokoneen selaimilla. Sivusto on myös...
  • ussitiveuopio

    Bussit Live Kuopio


    Android app, which shows the current locations of public transportation buses in the city of Kuopio, Finland. It also shows bus route and stops. App uses open data and realtime interface provided by City of Kuopio.
  • yinance

    My Finance AI

    Investors base their investment decisions on expected future returns on their investments. Such knowledge required for a sophisticated investment decision should be a result of a thorough analysis of the invested item. With machine learning one can search for such patters in an investment's (e.g....
  • ietorahdinkartta

    Tietorahdin kartta

    Android, iOS Apple, Other

    Tietorahdin kartta sisältää tärkeää tietoa ammattikuljettajille ja ajojärjestelijöille. Kartan tietoja ylläpitää joukkoistetusti yli 5400 ammattikuljettajaa (3.11.2020). Sovelluksesta löytyy mm. liikennehäiriöt, korkeusrajoitukset, painorajoitukset, tankkauspisteet ketjuttain, taukopaikat...
  • kartasto


    iOS Apple

    Kartasto has a large collection of Finnish maps from open data sources for free, e.g. National Land Survey topographic maps, Traficom sea area maps, Helsinki city maps and several OpenStreetMap variations. You also get free topographic maps of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Spain. You can...
  • andatapalvelu

    Handata - palvelu

    Handata presents purchase invoice data from municipalities and other public actors. The service is being further developed and the published information is updated annually. The main source of open data utilized in the service is municipalities. The number of publishers is growing every year.
  • llriurunkaupunkipyriensaatavuuskartalla

    Fölläri - Turku city bike availablity on a map

    Föli City Bike availability on a map
  • interestkotimaanmatkailutietopalvelu

    Finterest - kotimaan matkailutietopalvelu

    Finterest is an information service for both domestic and foreign travellers. It contains quite comprehensive information of the location and description of interesting sites from all over Finland, of about 70 different themes related to tourism. You can zoom the map along the planned route or...
  • kirjasampo

    BookSampo - Semantic Portal for Finnish Fiction Literature

    BookSampo is a semantic portal in use, covering metadata about practically all Finnish fiction literature of Finnish public libraries on a work level. The system introduces a variety of semantic web novelties deployed into practise: The underlying data model is based on the emerging functional,...
  • sotasurmasampo-1914-1922-suomen-sisallis-ja-heimosodat-semanttisessa-webissa

    WarVictimSampo 1914–1922: Casulties of Finnish wars

    WarVictimSampo 1914–1922 is a semantic portal and a Linked Open Data service that publishes data about the war victims in Finland in 1914–1922. The project is based on the database War Victims of Finland 1914–22 (“Sotasurmat 1914–22”) of the National Archives of Finland and related data compiled...
  • nimisampo-nimistontutkijan-tyopoyta

    NameSampo - A Workbench for Toponomastic Research

    One of the Institute for the Languages of Finland's archives, the Names Archive contains valuable information for onomasticians and linguists, as well as for archaeologists, historians, folklorists, and natural scientists. The corpora of place names in the Names Archive was converted into a...
  • biografiasampo-suomalaiset-elamakerrat-semanttisessa-webissa

    Biographysampo - Finnish Biographies in the Semantic Web

    The over 13 100 central Finnish biographies maintained by the Finnish Literature Society (SKS), as well as similar international collections, have only been available online in a human-readable text format, not as semantic data that computers can "understand". However, biographies as semantic...
  • koronalasso


    With the KoronaLasso (CoronaLasso) application you can test the lasso regression method's ability to predict new coronavirus infections for each day. The data for the application is from the Finnish institute for health and welfare. The predictions are made for each hospital district based on the...
  • vaestometsa


    With the VäestöMetsä (PopulationForest) application you can test how well the Random Forest technology can predict the development of population in Finland. Random Forest is a type of ensemble machine learning method that can be used to gain a higher quality prediction by combining multiple...
  • mustikkaan-fi is an application that predicts the ripening of Bilberries. The prediction is calculated on daily basis utilizing the HIRLAM open weather data provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The model is calculated on a 10*10km geographical grid. The predictions are published on a...