Dataset Categories

Dataset categories
Category Description Examples
Regions & Cities Maps, regional data (data that covers a specific geographic area) Postal code areas, urban area development plans, aerial photos of a city, city’s finances
Energy Energy policy, energy industry, energy consumption, renewable energy Renewable energy sources, electricity consumption, coal, oil
Government & Public Sector Elections and voting, politics, government and decision-making, hospitality and gifts, public sector data, glossaries Pay scales, voter turnout, state personnel
International Issues Foreign policy, international organisations and agreements, conflicts and peace, military forces War casualties, EU legislative acts, international archival statistics
Education & Sports School and education, early childhood education and care, sports

Education statistics, open data by educational institutes, school health care, sports venues

Culture, Arts & Free Time GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums), music, theater, hobbies and free time Book loans from libraries, museum admissions, cultural environments
Transport Transport policy, means and forms of transport, public transport, walking and cycling Marine traffic, air travel, street maintenance, public transport timetables
Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry & Foods Agriculture, forestry, fishery, and politics, regulations, instructions and actions related to those, food products and food technology Food safety supervision, fields
Tourism & Travel Tourist destinations, sights, travel statistics Accommodation statistics, admissions to tourist destinations
Justice, Legal System & Public Safety Legal matters, legal professions, legal system, general safety Court orders, legal terminology, crime statistics
Built-up Areas & Infrastructure Buildings and building, roads, railroads, power grids, parks and other infrastructure Addresses, real estate data, building permits, parking areas, regional land use planning
Economy & Finance Economic policy, taxation, financing and investments, consumption, trade and trade policy, tariffs, business Budgets, business registers, SBR taxonomies
Health Medicine, medical records, nutrition, health care occupations Care of the elderly and disabled, health care services, contagious diseases, specialised medical treatment
Science & Technology Research (including questionnaires and interviews), research data and results, technology Customer satisfaction surveys, theses, radio frequencies and aerial imagery
Population & Society Population demographics, employment, social policy, housing, immigration, social security Unemployment benefits, family demographics, residential data
Environment & Nature Weather, natural environment, deterioration of the environment, waste and water management Atmospheric pollution, climate change scenarios, meteorology