Residential and corporate parking zones in Helsinki

The data includes the decided resident and business parking zones in the inner city area of Helsinki. The traffic signs must be checked for parking spaces allowing resident parking.

The data is available for download in several formats, including JSON, KML, CSV, Esri Shape, and XML. Available formats can always be found under OutputFormat in the GetCapabilities query for the service. More information can be found in WFS search guide (in Finnish).

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879), can be projected to other coordinate systems. See GetCapabilities query for other possible coordinate systems.



  • Asukas_ja_yrityspysakointivyohykkeet_alue

Attributes of the Asukas_ja_yrityspysakointivyohykkeet_alue layer:

  • id (int): Unique identifier of the feature.
  • linkki (string): Link to a more detailed parking map of the area on the city’s website.
  • asukaspysakointitunnus (string): Resident parking permit that entitles you to park in resident parking spaces.
  • alueen_nimi (string): Name of the city district where the zone is mainly located. The boundaries do not exactly comply with city district boundaries.
  • datanomistaja (string): Data owner.
  • paivitetty_tietopalveluun (date): Information service record date (yyyy-mm-dd).
  • geom (GeometryPropertyType): Geometry of the feature


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