Helsinki by district

Statistical tables of the Helsinki by District annual publications.

Helsinki by District is a statistical handbook that describes not only the history and current appearance of the areas, but also the future trend with tables, charts, maps and pictures. The statistical tables and figures contain the latest data on the residents, employment, housing, construction, services and use of services in the 8 major districts and 34 districts of Helsinki.

The data in the publication is compiled from several statistical sources and plans. The publication focuses on the latest information but also briefly presents the development of the area. For each area, the publication also includes a brief description of the area’s history and present situation as well as plans for the area. The areas are also compared to the rest of Helsinki. The area description is complemented by a comprehensive overview of the recent development and status of the entire Helsinki as part of the Helsinki region.

Helsinki by district is intended for everyone interested in the areas of Helsinki: city decision-makers, planners and researchers, students and schoolchildren, business and associations, the media and, of course, residents.

The dataset was not compiled for 2018.


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