Helsinki: City finances and personnel

This dataset provides statistics on the city finances and personnel in Statistical Yearbook of Helsinki.


  • Profit and loss account of the City of Helsinki
  • City of Helsinki profit and loss accounts in public utilities
  • Profit and loss accounts of companies
  • Helsinki City’s business group financial statement (statistics only in 2018 yearbook)
  • City of Helsinki balance sheet
  • Balance sheets in public utilities of City of Helsinki
  • Balance sheets of companies
  • City of Helsinki consolictated balance sheet
  • Financial statement
  • Investments by type of project
  • Revenue and expenditure of Helsinki City’s administrative divisions
  • Specifikation of real estate tax
  • City of Helsinki tax revenue, the proportion of state grants in the operational economy and the annual margin
  • Personnel expenditure
  • City staff by City division
  • Scheme-employed people working in Helsinki City’s various administrative divisions
  • City staff (statistics only in 2018 yearbook)
  • Occupational accidents in offices and departments of City of Helsinki


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