Benefits provided by Kela: Number of recipients and benefits paid out

This dataset is associated with the dynamic report titled Number of recipients of benefits provided by Kela and benefit expenditure, which is part of the Kelasto statistical database. The dataset contains data on recipient totals for Kela benefits, benefit expenditures and data needed to calculate the average benefit. It covers the majority of the benefits provided by Kela at both annual and monthly levels. The dataset includes annual totals starting from 2008 and monthly totals from January 2018.

It does not include data on compensations paid for occupational health care arranged by employers, occupational health care for self-employed persons or for student health services.

The annual data do not contain recipient totals for pensions, disability benefits, housing allowances or child maintenance allowances. The student loan tax deduction and the government guarantee for student loan do not involve any payments from Kela to beneficiaries.

?Recipient of general housing allowance? here refers to households in receipt of housing allowance, while ?recipient of basic social assistance? refers to households in receipt of social assistance.

The dataset covers the following benefits:

• Child maintenance allowance

• Pension benefits (excl. guarantee pensions)

• Housing allowance for pensioners

• Special care allowance

• School transport subsidy

• Rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation allowance

• Child benefit

• Child care allowances

• Special assistance for immigrants

• Student loan compensation

• Assistance with student loan interest

• Student loan tax deduction

• Financial aid for students (study grant, housing supplement, loan guarantee)

• Basic social assistance

• Refunds of medical expenses

• Sickness allowances

• Conscript’s allowance

• Guarantee pension

• Unemployment benefits

• Disability benefits

• Allowances for parents

• Compensations to employers for annual leave costs

• General housing allowance

• Maternity grant


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