Basic social assistance: Recipient households

This dataset is associated with the dynamic report titled 'Basic social assistance: Recipient households', which is part of the Kelasto statistical database. It includes data on the number of households receiving basic social assistance from Kela, analysed by household type and other factors. Both monthly and annual data are available starting from 2017.

Recipient households include households conforming to the definition of family used in the Act on Basic Social Assistance who received a non-zero amount of social assistance during the reference period. Households remain distinct as long as the claimant and spouse/partner (if any) remain the same.

In addition to various types of household, the data differentiates between households in which the claimant or spouse/partner is under age 25 and other households.

The regional data are based on the principal municipality of residence of the members of the recipient households (“statistical municipality”). At the cumulative annual level, a single household is included in all of its statistical municipalities during the accumulation period. At the whole-country level, however, each household is only included once in the total.

In the cumulative annual data, the household type and under-25 claimant or spouse are included only by reference to their status as of the latest payment in the accumulation period.


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