Parking violations in Helsinki

Parking violations recorded in Helsinki since January 2014. The data includes the time at which the violation was committed to the nearest month and year, the address at which the fine or notice was issued, the stage of the fine, the main cause of the fine, the person who registered the fine and the postal code area information.

The data is updated about 3 times a year.

The data contains the following information:

  • Virheen tekokuukausi / Month of the violation = Month in which the parking fine or notice was written.
  • Virheen tekovuosi / Year of the violation = Year in which the parking fine or notice was written.
  • Osoite / Address = the address at which the fine or notice was issued. The address may not be visible in all cases, e.g. handwritten fines/notices given by the police, or it may be incomplete.
  • Virhemaksun vaihe / Stage of the fine = Parking fine or notice
  • Virheen pääluokka / Pääsyy Main category/main reason of the fine = May include one to three different categories
  • Virheen kirjaaja / Person registering the fine = Parking inspector or police
  • Kaupunginosa / District

In addition the geospatial dataset (SHP) regarding 2014-2017 contains postal code area information (y, x, postal code, city, region, municipality, municipality number). The source was the 2015 postal code division of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The data contains some points outside of Helsinki. The table-form data (CSV) contains some parking fines without an address; they do not exist in the geospatial datasets (SHP). The geospatial datasets regarding 2018-2021 are geocoded from table-form data with the QGIS Digitransit Geocoding add-on (see additional information by clicking on each resource) and those contain errors. Data regarding year 2022 is available only as table-form data (CSV).


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