Real time air quality at HSY monitoring sites

Map level shows real-time air quality as an index of air quality in the permanent and mobile measurement stations of the Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY). The measurement result is updated hourly.

HSY tracks air quality in the metropolitan area and elsewhere in Uusimaa with diverse continuous measurements at 13 sites. Eight of the measurement stations are permanent (Lohja, Mannerheimintie, Mäkelänkatu, Leppävaara, Tikkurila, Vartiokylä, Kallio and Luukki) and the place of five changes every 1-2 years. Air quality is continuously measured in areas affected by transport and small burning, as well as in background areas such as Luukki and Kallio. Read more about air quality and air quality index here.

The data can be accessed via HSY's open WMS/WFS interface. The map layer name at the interface is 'Ilmanlaatu nyt'. More information on HSY interfaces. The data can also be found on HSY's map service.

Feature information of Ilmanlaatu nyt layer:

  • Mittausasema = Measurement station: Name of measurement station, description of measurement environment
  • Aika = Time: Date and time of measurement result
  • Ilmanlaatuindeksi = Air quality index: Air quality index of the hour concerned (c. classification of the map explanation or below, classification of the air quality index)
  • Mittausaseman_osoite = Measurement station address: Address of the location of the measuring station
  • Mittausaseman_numero = Measurement station number

Classification of air quality index (color and purpose of symbol):

  • Green - Good (0-50)
  • Yellow - Satisfactory (51-75)
  • Orange - Avoidant (76-100)
  • Dark Red - Bad (101-150)
  • Purple - Very Bad (151-)

Preview and download of material on HSY's map service.


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