Julia – junaliikenteen havaintojärjestelmä

Teemu Sirkiä - Published 14.4.2020 - updated 10.12.2021

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Julia service is a common diary for all the railway enthusiasts who are interested in spotting trains and knowing more about them.

With Julia, you can, for example,

  • report trains you have spotted and follow other users observations
  • look at statistics about how many trains were on time
  • get to know the rolling stock
  • see the railway network and the trains on a map
  • get real time information about the trains and schedules.

Julia is only available in Finnish but you can, for example, look at the maps even if you don't know a lot of Finnish. You don't have to sign up to use the service.

Open data is used a lot in Julia. The service uses open data from Traficom and Traffic Management Finland.

Used datasets