BookSampo - Semantic Portal for Finnish Fiction Literature

BookSampo is a semantic portal in use, covering metadata about practically all Finnish fiction literature of Finnish public libraries on a work level. The system introduces a variety of semantic web novelties deployed into practise: The underlying data model is based on the emerging functional, content-centered metadata indexing paradigm using RDF. Linked Data (LD) principles are used for mapping the metadata with tens of interlinked ontologies in the national FinnONTO ontology infrastructure. The contents are also linked with the large LD metadata repository of related cultural heritage content of CultureSampo. BookSampo is actually based on using CultureSampo as a semantic web service, demonstrating the idea of re-using semantic content from multiple perspectives without the need for modifications.

The BookSampo portal interface application was implemented by the Finnish public library consortium The system is based on the fiction literature ontology KAUNO (developed from the Kaunokki thesaurus) and other ontologies developed in the FinnONTO-project, and metadata from library databases, biographies, review articels, and other sources. The contents, search, and recommending services of the portal come through the APIs of the CultureSampo system, that contains all semantic content of the system interlinked in RDF with other cultural materials.

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Published: July 24, 2020, 09:20 (UTC)
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