NameSampo - A Workbench for Toponomastic Research

One of the Institute for the Languages of Finland's archives, the Names Archive contains valuable information for onomasticians and linguists, as well as for archaeologists, historians, folklorists, and natural scientists. The corpora of place names in the Names Archive was converted into a digital archive in 2014–2017. The objective of the project was to convert the place name entry slips, collection maps, and the attribute and metadata related to them into digital format.

The goal of the NameSampo project is to first convert, enrich and publish the ditized Names Archive as Linked Open Data. After that, the focus is on creating a flexible, easy to use workbench of search, data analytic, and visualization tools by utilizing the Linked Data infrastructure, various external map and data sources, and a collaborative workflow between onomasticians and computer scientists. The intent is that a wide variety of toponomastic research questions can be addressed interactively using a web browser.

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Published: July 24, 2020, 08:04 (UTC)
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