Traffic data from Helsinki

Traffic data from Helsinki contains data about motor traffic: traffic volume, speed, amounts of different types of vehicles). The data consists of three different datasets in variable formats (CSV, gis-APIs: WFS and WMS, API – JSON).

More precise description of each dataset can be found by clicking subtitles below or by clicking titles of datasets under “Data and Resources”.

Data from automatic counters in API

Data containing traffic data from automatic counters in Helsinki and nearby. Counters detect volume, speed and type of vehicle. Data in open API, which updates every 5 minutes.

See counters on map:

Traffic volumes in CSV

Data contains average volumes of motor vehicles each autumn from 2010 onwards. Motor vehicles include passenger cars, vans, trucks, lorries, busses and motor bikes.

Data is updated once a year.

Traffic volumes as GIS data

Data is a collection of calculations made about traffic volumes and estimations of traffic volumes. The data contains volumes per vehicle (passanger car, van, truck, lorry, bus, motorbike, tram) per road. It also contains overall traffic rate (all vehicles combined) per year (KAVL for short) and per autumn (SKAVL for short). In addition, it includes information about percentage of heavy traffic of all traffic.

Data is updated once a year.

Preview and download the data in the service:

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)

API address:



  • Ajoneuvoliikenne_liikennemaarat_viiva


  • Ajoneuvoliikenne_liikennemaarat_viiva

Ajoneuvoliikenne_liikennemaarat_viiva: attributes, data types and translation:

  • id (int): unique identifier
  • linkki (int)
  • katu (string): name of the street
  • kl (int)
  • kl_selite (string)
  • lvuosi (int)
  • ha (int): number of passenger cars
  • pa (int)
  • ka (int)
  • ra (int)
  • la (int)
  • mp (int)
  • rv (int)
  • autot (int): total number of cars
  • raskas_liik_pros (double): percent of which was heavy traffic vehicles
  • syksyn_kavl (int)
  • laskentapiste (string)
  • datanomistaja (string): owner of the data
  • paivitetty_tietopalveluun (date): date, when it was updated to the database


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