Monthly CDOM values from S3 OLCI

CDOM is an acronym for Colored Dissolved Organic Matter. CDOM represent a mixture of soluble organic compounds in water that affect the color of water through absorption of light. This dataset provides values for the absorption by CDOM (at 400 nm) estimated from Seltinel-3 OLCI data and visualized in TARKKA at 300 m resolution. The dataset is generated by processing the OLCI Level 1b data with the Baltic+ Atmospheric Correction processor and then utilizing a band ratio algorithm to derive CDOM. Individual images were then aggregated to monthly products. These maps cover the Northern Baltic Sea from April to September in 2017 to 2019.

The dataset was produced during the ESA funded Baltic+ SeaLaBio project.

This dataset can be used according to open data license (CC BY 4.0).

Purpose of use: Scientific studies related to water quality and carbon dynamics.

WMS-palvelin/ WMS service endpoint:

WMS-taso/ WMS layer: BP_EO_MR_WQ_OLCI_CDOM_monthly

Version 1.0 300 m resolution

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