Kelan maksaman perustoimeentulotuen menot ja palautukset


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This dataset is associated with the dynamic report titled 'Basic social assistance paid out by Kela', which is part of the Kelasto statistical database. It includes daily totals for the gross expenditure on basic assistance paid out by Kela and the payments returned starting from 2017.

The regional data are based on the municipality of residence of the members of recipient households and are current to the date of payment. If a single household has two municipalities of residence, the assistance payments are divided between the relevant municipalities according to the respective length of residence. The assistance funded fully by the state is differentiated from the assistance funded equally between the state and municipalities.

The expenditure on basic social assistance also includes the temporary compensation due to an epidemic outbreak, which was mainly paid out in October-December of 2020. It was intended for recipients of basic social assistance and was funded entirely by the government.

If the dataset has been split into multiple CSV files, the newest updated data can be found in the file data.csv. The other files have names that indicate the years covered by the data in question.

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