Behind the scenes of

During the spring and summer, we have improved our site’s performance based on users’ feedback. Feedback is always welcome, and we will continue developing the service based on your wishes and feedback.


We updated our infrastructure to a faster and more stable version, which means, among other things, that uploading and downloading data to and from the website is now significantly faster and smoother. Thanks to the updates, we can now also add even more data to our service, for example by harvesting more sources. In the future, we’re planning on expanding our harvesting to municipalities and other public administration organisations. This supports’s primary goal - giving our users access to all Finnish open data in one place.


During the summer, we will also start updating new features and improvements to the service as soon as they are finished. Software updates will be faster, and the service will truly improve continuously. Implementing continuous integration will make us a pioneer in the public sector not only in Finland, but also in Europe.


If you still run into slowly loading pages, errors or usability issues, tell us about it via the contact form. Describe what you were trying to do, on which page, what happened, as well as the date and time the problem occurred. If you want to add screen captures to your message, please send us an email at instead.